Sunday, December 16, 2012

Zot Chanuka

Zot Chanuka is the last day of Chaunuka.

Why is it named Zot? (This)  This is because it was the last day of the miracle of the oil.  The one flask of oil that was found by with the stamp of the High Priest was only enough to burn for one day.  It kept burning and burning, and burning!  The news of this miracle of oil that didn't go out must have spread like wildfire, even in those days with out any form of modern communication!

But as you know, you don't just let a miracle happen, you also do what you can! So the oil factory that was under the supervision of the Temple must have been working around the clock to produce olive oil.  This eighth day must have seemed like a real miracle for the oil to keep burning.

The miracle was really apparent on this last day,  that is why this last day of Chanuka is "Zot Chanuka" This is Chanuka, for it was the last time that Hashem in those day revealed himself.

May Hashem continue the daily miracles that we see around us, and help us to appreciate the small miracles that occur in our daily lives.

Rachael Alice Orbach

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