Monday, December 3, 2012

Chanuka is coming!

The stores are already stocking Jelly Donuts!  See here, don't they look Yummy?  Bring a few home every day and enjoy the Holiday.

The reason that we eat donuts is because we want to remember the miracle of the oil.  What does this mean?
After the war between the Jews and the Syrian Greeks, the Cohanim entered the Temple, and while they were cleaning up they found only one flask of Olive Oil with the stamp of the  High Priest, that was certified to be pure olive oil, the only kind that was permitted to be used in the 7 branched Menora that had to be kept burning 24 hours a day.  Usually one flask would be for one day.  So, they lit the Menora with the one flask of oil, because they wanted to observe the mitzvah for one day at least.  They sent out for more oil, but it would take 8 days to pick the olives, and process them for use in the Menora.  It had to be of a special type of oil, so that is why it took so long to make.

Hashem, in order that the lights of the Menora would shine and give hope to the Jewish people did the miracle and the oil in the Menora lasted the whole eight day period that it took to make new olive oil.

This is why we have an eight day holiday of Chanuka.  The word חנוכה  means rededication, the Temple was rededicated, during this time, and we also should use this time of year to rededicate ourselves to learn more Torah, do more Mitzvot, and bring Am Yisrael to the perfection that we all strive for.  Erase war, and heartache, and bring perfect health and happiness during this Festival of Lights.

Rachael Alice Orbach 
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