Thursday, May 26, 2016

Jerusalem on Fire! The day after Lag B'Omer

Seriously folks, be careful with your combustables on a hot day like today.  Just came home and saw this out my window.  Called it in to 102 the Fire Department, they took a long time to answer the phone by the way, and they said that they already knew about it.

This is what the fire looked like at 12;00pm.  Now it is 5:41pm and it is still out of control!  I heard planes and helicopters flying over trying to get a handle on it.  If they would sent only one plane when I had called it in there wouldn't be this problem

One of the fires is being blamed on Lag B'Omer, maybe it is true, but there needs to be more fire education here in Israel.

When I was a child in Los Angeles, we had to have fire drills a few times a year, and a Fire Marshal came to our classes and taught us what to do when there is a fire.  I was elected Fire Marshal of my 4th grade class and I was expert at stomping on lit cigarettes.

 This served me well when I was teaching my first year in the classroom, as during a test someone slipped a smoke bomb under the door. causing untold uproar in the class.  I stepped on it.. Why did they schedule a test for April 1st, anyway??

Fires are serious, many people have been evaucated from their homes this afternoon.  Learn the fire rules and before you leave a fire, put it out with sand or water!

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Rachael Alice

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