Sunday, January 4, 2015

How to get ready for the possible Snow this weekend

If you have been following the news, then you know that Jerusalem might be blessed with snow this coming weekend.  Last year we were woefully unprepared, both personally and the city as well.
How to get yourself ready?   These are my personal recommendations that I am starting to do to get ready.  If they help you, then I will be very happy.

Well, first, make sure that your roof and outside porches don't have any blockages with leaves and dirt blocking up the drains.

Secondly, check that the places that leaked before, have been fixed, but if you haven't been able to do that, like me, then do a cleaning  session under the leak and put a bucket under where you think the water will come in.

Thirdly, Make sure that you have enough food in the house.  If there will be a big snowstorm, you know that the local stores will not be able to open.  I will stock up on bread, buying three this week, and put the other two in the fridge.  Look at your pantry, and make sure that you have food that can be cooked that doesn't take too much time.  Get food for Shabbat that can be frozen now and thawed on Friday morning.

Fourthly, Do you have snow boots? Or waterproof boots for the family?  Forget about umbrellas, if it will be very windy, then they won't help anyway. Boots and waterproof coats are what will help you.  I recently bought waterproof spray at the Gali Shoe store on Kanfei Nesharim, 25 NIS a can, a reasonable price,  I waterproofed the boots and a few coats and it really does keep the water from seeping into the coat.  The coat may not be warm after an hour in the rain, but at least I was dry a few weeks ago.

Fifthly, Make sure that you have heat in your apartment.  Call in the tech now if it needs to be fixed.  Make sure that you have a backup system, if the gas goes out, use the electricity, or use the electricity if the gas goes out.

I hope that these tips will help you to weather the coming storm!
Rachael Alice Orbach  -

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