Saturday, May 4, 2013

Are we better off with the Light Rail Train?

This is a picture of the downtown area of Jerusalem.  Kinda empty.  Where did the people go? There are people about, but are they really revitalizing the downtown?  Do people really go there to do shopping, or do they go to the Malcha Mall?

Where do people who like to spend money go?  I really didn't see what was the problem with letting busses and cars go on Yaffa street.  The business were hopping, and you could get a seat on almost any bus to take you to the Central bus station.  Now, the train is usually so crowded that you have to push to get on, and most likely you won't get a seat.  This is difficult if you have done your shopping at Machne Yehuda market.  You have your cart, and there is no place to put it.

The downtown suffered for many year while they were building the light rail system, and many businesses went bankrupt.  We might have a cleaner city, but the quality of life has decreased.  I only go downtown if I really need it.  I save up all the errands to get done at one time, while before, I might have gone downtown a few times a week.  Now it is more like once a month.

Rachael Alice Orbach

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