Monday, November 12, 2012

Photography Contest Starting!/ Picture from the Train!

This is a picture from inside the Jerusalem Light Rail Train, looking at the the Zvill Yeshiva building.  A perfect frame.

On another note:

As you  might know, I have written a book that is now published on Amazon:

Book number 2 is ready to go except for the front cover.

In order to really capture the Jerusalem feeling of the book I am announcing a contest of Cat Pictures in Jerusalem!

The best picture of a Cat in Jerusalem will win the prize of having the picture be on the cover of the book!

You will receive a link to your website, with photo credits,  inside the book, for your promotional purposes, and  e-books of the first two books of the series!  Cat Stories - The First Adventure and Cat Stories - This and That.

Contest ends in two weeks, on November 25th!  י:א כסלו

Pictures must be sent in .jpg format and be under 1MB in size

By submitting your picture you agree to grant Rachael Alice Orbach rights to use it as a book cover for one of her upcoming books.  You retain your ownership of the picture and you will be given photo credit as well as a clickable link to your website.
Have fun and send all pictures to

Rachael Alice
Don't forget to call the Traveling Hair Salon for that last minute haircut!

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  1. The winning entry is from . . . Rachael Alice with the picture of a Jerusalem Cat! You will see it on the cover of Book 3 Life in the Garbage! To be published soon!