Friday, September 28, 2012

Chag Sameach Sukkot!

It is the happiest season of the Jewish Year!  Let's take a tour of Jerusalem as she gets ready for Sukkot!
 Here are some enterprising young men selling the 4 species, on Givat Shaul Street.  Yoel, in front has sets of the Lulav, Etrog, Haddasim at a good price!
 These are Hadassim, and Etrogim.
 The two etrogim here have Pitom, that is they are extra special!
 Every building has multiple Sukkas!
 More Sukkot!
 Here is a baby Etrog tree, about 6 Sumonths old.  It will be many years until we can pick its fruit!  Happy Sukkot!  

Rachael Alice

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