Monday, January 28, 2013

After Election Mess, literally

It has taken a whole week for the city to clean up after the election petek dump.  Even if you are happy with the results of the elections, the amount of paper that gets wasted is such a Shanda!  Did seeing the names of the parties on the ground influence you about which party to vote for?  I made my decision weeks before.  It should be from a sense of public duty that people always clean up their trash, and not only during elections.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

No School today, Friday

This picture is from January 10th!  Happy Snow Day!

The Education Ministry has announced that today, January 11th, the schools in Jerusalem will not open.  This is to allow the snow to melt on the roads, so that parents who are not experienced in driving in bad road conditions will not have the risk of accidents.

There is still snow on the roads, as well as on the cars and vegetation.

Rachael Alice

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Jerusalem in the Snow

This is the scene outside my window, this afternoon, just a nice day  Cold and just right for children to play!  

A lazy day to stay inside to read, and take it easy!  

Have a great day! 

Rachael Alice  

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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Don't take your Umbrella in this storm!

These are the casualties from the big storm that is hitting Jerusalem this week!  While walking about getting things done, this is what I found: broken umbrellas just left by frustrated people!  Today, the Ministry of Education is holding classes until 12:00 noon, and then sending the children home. My son's school just called and instead of sending him at 12:00, they are sending him at 11:00am!  Not much learning is going on today!   The snow is to hit this afternoon and this evening!  Phone and Internet lines are expected to be hit as well.  Plan ahead and get prepared, as supermarkets may not be able to get their normal deliveries.

Stay warm and dry inside!

Rachael Alice

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Monday, January 7, 2013

Rainy and Snowy in Jerusalem

Sometimes even here in the middle of the desert of Jerusalem, we get heavy rains and even snow.

So to bring in the new Year 2013, we might have snow on Wednesday!

The clouds are gathering, and we are waiting for the change in the weather!

I will keep you posted and have a good sweet New Year!