Sunday, December 29, 2013

Sunset is beautiful in Jerusalem

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Now that we have the snow behind us, (well, there are a lot of parking spots that are still being taken up by fallen tree branches and snow) but for the most part all the roads are clear, and the city is back to normal.

I was captivated by this picture so I have to share it with you!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Saturday Night in Jerusalem

You don't have to be afraid at night in Jerusalem.  I took an hour long walk to the center of town and back just now and it is beautiful!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Still Snow on the ground in Jerusalem

I took this picture this evening after teaching clarinet at the Local Matnas,  They have this gigantic Marimba outside to show that I am THE music teacher there!  I couldn't resist taking this picture,

The first one, Google added the snow, it hasn't snowed for over a week!  The second picture is what it really looks like!

I'm back to teaching my full schedule, there are a few spots left for lessons, Contact me through the website and I'll get back to you!
Rachael Alice
Music teacher in Givat Shaul, Jerusalem. 

Saturday, December 21, 2013

One week after the Snowstorm!

I am now better prepared for the NEXT Snowstorm.  I went out to Machne Yehuda and found a pair of rubber boots at a little shop almost at the end of the main aisle!  Since this is the beginning of the winter, only Hashem knows what he has in store for us later on!

This picture was taken this morning from my favorite place, my living room window, and you can still see snow left on the ground!

Simply Amazing!

Rachael Alice
The Traveling Hair Salon is up and going now!
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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Snowing in Jerusalem!

Here is the day that All the kids have been waiting for!  Snow in Jerusalem, early in the season.  Just think what January will hold!  Usually, if it is going to snow, it will be in January, so this is a nice surprise!

Have fun, stay safe, don't drive unless you have tire chains.  It is better to miss the appointment than to have to call Magan David Adom.  Two of my sons will be working all day today, but I'd rather that you not have to meet them in their professional capacity! 

Rachael Alice - Let's make the appointments for next week, OK?

Monday, December 2, 2013

Chanuka The time of our remembering

The holiday of Chanuka celebrates our Jewish Identity.  We light candles to symbolize the strengthening of our commitment to spread the light of Torah to all the world. Our National Struggle even continues on to this day.  There are those who want Israel to be like all the other nations.  They want us to have the same consumer culture, the "Give Me" culture. Others are busy with such things as "Black Friday"  Why is it the color black?  That  symbolizes the cult of darkness, while we as Jews bring more light.  Each day we add more light.  Yes, we give Chanuka gelt to our children, who are expected to use this to also help the poor and give charity, just as we adult give charity.

As we look around and see the Menorahs in every window, we feel proud to be Jews and we give light to the world.

In the ancient world, and even up to the 1800's it was very difficult to light fire.  Matches were not perfected, and the search for the proper materials to light and keep fire was very important.  If your fire went out in the oven, then either you had to get fire from someone else, or use the special stones, strike them together, and let the spark fall on paper or other kindling.  This often took a lot of time, and you had to be very practiced in this skill.  Not everyone could do this.

So, in light of this, the fact that we light candles takes on new significance.  Yes, it was difficult to light fire and to spread light.

Go out and Spread the light of the Torah!

Rachael Alice