Monday, November 12, 2012

Photography Contest Starting!/ Picture from the Train!

This is a picture from inside the Jerusalem Light Rail Train, looking at the the Zvill Yeshiva building.  A perfect frame.

On another note:

As you  might know, I have written a book that is now published on Amazon:

Book number 2 is ready to go except for the front cover.

In order to really capture the Jerusalem feeling of the book I am announcing a contest of Cat Pictures in Jerusalem!

The best picture of a Cat in Jerusalem will win the prize of having the picture be on the cover of the book!

You will receive a link to your website, with photo credits,  inside the book, for your promotional purposes, and  e-books of the first two books of the series!  Cat Stories - The First Adventure and Cat Stories - This and That.

Contest ends in two weeks, on November 25th!  י:א כסלו

Pictures must be sent in .jpg format and be under 1MB in size

By submitting your picture you agree to grant Rachael Alice Orbach rights to use it as a book cover for one of her upcoming books.  You retain your ownership of the picture and you will be given photo credit as well as a clickable link to your website.
Have fun and send all pictures to

Rachael Alice
Don't forget to call the Traveling Hair Salon for that last minute haircut!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The YMCA of Jerusalem

Do you remember the dingy, dirty, overcrowded YMCA's of America?

Well, it sure has come up in the world since then.  This is a picture of the interior of the Jerusalem YMCA, I turned around and said "Wow!" Snapped this picture for all to see.
It looks most impressive in the evening as the sun is setting, so the window is lit.

There are lots of events at the YMCA, I mostly hear about classical concerts, it is a perfect venue for Mozart and Hayden, don't you think?

Y M C A I'll meet you at the Y M C A!

Rachael Alice